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I have completed 3 order after 1 months

Good morning.
How is your day going, guys? I hope everything is going well.
Ok, I’m happy because after a month I have completed 3 orders but just got 2 feedback from the clients, another they didn’t reply back ( I don’t know why!)
So, I have some tips for you guys who are new here and hope it’ll be useful for you.

  1. You should online status as much as you can to get a chance because when the clients need to find the products if you’re online, a chance to make them start the conversation with you is available.
  2. Marketing your gigs at least once time a week on some social site.
  3. Sometimes, edit your gig to make it new and get a chance to go to the first page of rating
  4. With me, Try to get a good conversation with the client to get a chance to receive an order from them, this point is important because If you don’t make them feel you will handle their project, they probably leave without any text more.
    Ok, I wish all you guys will get so many orders today.
    By the way, These are some gigs I think it’s good because I have received the order from them, check the link below out and if you see it’s still not good, please give me some advice to let me do better

Hello @nahtpv221

Thank you for your valuable tips. I’m a new seller and past 3 weeks have not seen any order. Still looking for my first one. I will surely use your tips.

Wish you good luck for your future orders.

Thank you :pray:t2:

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thank you. Keep patience and send the buyer request also if it’s available.
Good luck!

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Thank you so much :pray:t2: