I have completed 45 Orders, But My Account Do not 2 Level Get?


I have Completed 45 Orders, But My Fiverr Account do not get 2 level?
Any problem,
Please tell me the best idea about it.


You need to complete 50 orders.


Are you sure,
My one friend have got it, without 50 orders completed,
So what’s your mind?


It depends upon a couple of factors like no. Of orders, percentage of rated orders and how frequently you are getting orders… completing 50 orders with some specific positive rating ( 95%+ not exactly remember) is more common observations to get level 2. For example I got level 2 before i even completed 50 orders (with less than 50 reviews of course) but I was getting orders frequently and with good revenue… so I hope you will get it too very soon
Good luck
Hope it helps…


Thank you very much,
I liked your best response by my posted.


My pleasure :slight_smile:
Wish you best of luck!


but i seen in analytics, grow to level 2 have to completed 50 orders within 2 months, so is that true ?




Yeah is that true i know,
it’s good news for you,