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I have completed 57 orders in 2 month. Still no level 2 badge


I already met the requirements of the level 2 seller. But I didnt get yet. Can anyone help me


Yes, I joined on 27th march 2016


Do you have a high cancellation ratio? That could be an issue.

If not, and if you don’t get your level 2 badge within a few days (sometimes there’s a delay), I suggest contacting Customer Support.


It is probably because of out of your 58 reviews all but 18 are from the same person.

Why did this buyer order 40 orders from you on two gigs? Out of the 3 years I’ve been here I’ve never had one buyer purchase my gigs 40 times.


Because I used to work with that client on hourly basis. So, I had same peraon ordering those many gigs


Do They even check the person who has ordered. I heard level 2 qualification is done automatically by the system.


No. I have created 63 orders but cancelled only 4 orders.


I am also facing same problem.


wait for 14th jan update will be change your level!