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I have completed 7 order in Last month

Though I am happy because I opened my account at the last in July 2018. After that last month, I have completed 7 orders with 5 stars review. But now 10 days have already gone in this month and I am not getting any order yet. Please give me some suggestion to get more order.


Hi, consider yourself very lucky to had that many orders in 1st month of joining.some sellers have to wait for months to have their 1st have patience . everything comes with there r no need of rush.BTW wot u do.


I will tell you to bee patient and follow below steps if orders not coming after 30 days
dont change anything in gig if buyers are contacting you


You need to remove the names of other platforms from your profile description.

Check out: for how to get more orders.

You have made a great start. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great start …give some time your rating is positive you will have orders in some days…Good luck

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Thanks… I am a Web Developer

Thanks for the information

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welcome :slight_smile:

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It’s completely natural to experience periods when you’re busy, and periods where work completely clears up and you’re left twiddling your thumbs, especially if you’re completely relying on Fiverr for your income.

One of the pieces of advice I received very early in my Fiverr career was to diversify my income. That means that you should have income coming from several streams instead of just the one, allowing you to tide yourself over during quiet periods.

If you’ve had orders before, and are continuing to market your gigs, work will come again. If you’re looking for a boost temporarily, you could try using Buyers Request and seeing what luck you have there.

great achievement ,keep doing work hard as success is on your way

Congrats for the orders you achieved in first month. Wish you best luck for applying more efforts to get more orders in coming time.

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I have completed 11 orders this month but my gig is getting down day by day impressions are also down what should I do