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I have completed my 5 no gig on fiverr


I have completed my 5 number gig on Fiverr. Pray for me all. Day by day I found knock from the client when I buyer request on Fiverr. But Client just knock me HI, Hello! or nothing. Then he went others sellers for him project. But why? I don’t understand?

Whats my wrong? tell me please Big bros or Legend Sellers.
Thanks in Advanced.


try bid on buyer request hope you will get success


First of all it will be probably good to improve your language skills. Right now it’s really difficult to understand you, and after that read tips on this forum on how to write successful buyer requests.


I’m trying day by day. pray for me.


I would also suggest to avoid things like “pray for me” “dear, sir” etc. You never know if person is religious or not and how they might react on this. It’s better to keep it neutral.


I pray for you. you will get success soon inshaAllah


work and pray, doing a bit ourselves never hurts.


Thank you very much.


Yeah! Thanks bro. Thanks alot.