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I have completed my order but buyer didn't give me reviews

I got my first order on fiver for virtual assistant. I started the communication with the client as his requirement was for find the ranking of multiple site within 2 days. I completed the work in 4 hours and submit it on fiverr and waited for his response. After a while the payment was transferred in my account but client did not reply or give reviews for my work.
Can someone help me with this matter?


Hello @mirusmanghani, I think it’s how Fiverr works?
You can ask people to leave a review but they are not forced to do so, are they? :thinking:


No they can’t. They have to send some work offer then someone can send a review

Wait, I don’t understand,
You did the work, and you got the money, right?
So you ask for a review, but the client did not give it?
In that case you can give him a review (review as buyer) I think, and you put something that may help him to make a review for you too,

It’s still a guess but maybe you can try?

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if i give him a good review for giving me the work from 15 offers. And if give bad reviews to my gig then no one will buy my gig.

how to handle such situation?

I am not in position to inform you for now, because I am still new, but I will try to find the information and share with you

thank you @nyantsa for your assistance.

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You are doing a good job :+1:

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Buyers can review at their own discretion. They do NOT have to give you any sort of review or feedback. I would also suggest to NOT write to them asking for a review - this is a good way to get a violation on your account and risk your level here.

Leave the buyer alone. They will review you or give feedback when they choose to. Many NEVER leave a review.



Without a review how my next buyer will find out my services. Reviews are very important to portray your image.

Of course reviews are great to have, but, if you message your buyer and ask them to leave a review, do not come to the forum whining about how Fiverr said you violated the TOS, and how you lost your rank or have a warning on your account, which affects your ability to get orders and level up.



I didn’t ask him for reviews. I’m totally aware of T&C and not stupid enough to ask for a review from buyer. I was just highlighting my issue that buyer went idol after giving order.

It happens but don’t worry focus on next project and complete it properly .


Thanks @designhub777 for the advice

Be careful never to ask for a review. This what I found out after talking to CS.


Unless a buyer is just pure evil, I don’t think most of us will report a seller for such minor infraction.

I’ve reported sellers for given me stolen logos, but let’s face it, that’s a major theft.

Even though this rule has been out for a long while, I still get high level sellers (long standing) sellers that really should know better ask me for reviews. I guess they are just comfortable with me.

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On the seller side, even mentioning the word review or other words that mean review makes the box containing the message get a red outline and a warning pops up.

Since Fiverr reminds the buyer not once, but twice to leave a review, I feel that it is rude to ask for a review for a third time. Plus I do not want CS to somehow discover I asked for a review and thus get a warning.

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Just move on and put more efforts into subsequent orders. Reviews will come along sooner than later

That is a very bad advice. Do not ask for a review from clients, never,that is against terms of service and you will receive a warning from fiverr. If a client does not leave a review after order is closed, move on. Do not ask him for a review. You can read on this forum, there are lot of good topics.


@cole_legalpro yes i’m searching for more projects that will help gain good clientele. More 100% delivery of projects the more the good reviews.