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I have completed order 03 days ago but buyer did not update order completion

I have completed my order 03 days ago. Buyer received order but on fiverr he has not finished the order yet. what should i do?


Keep waiting. Sometimes it takes a bit longer than three days to complete.

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Fiverr can automatically finished??

Fiverr automatically marks orders as complete when the buyer doesn’t mark them as complete.


If Fiverr Automatically Complete your order then you will not get Buyer Feedback on your gig.

Thank you Somaginer1996 & Seoranks1

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Not completely true; it might mean they don’t want to leave feedback, but buyers have up to 30 days to leave feedback after the order has been autocompleted.


Fiverr terms states that orders are automatically marked complete 3 days after delivery if the buyer hasn’t done so already. It’s been over 72 hours and my delivered order has not been marked complete. I’ve already waited an eternity for the buyer to tell me what revisions he wants, which he hasn’t. Fiverr, mark it complete so I can get paid!!! I’ve already submitted a support request, but your requests page has a glitch and I cannot view it on any browser!


It often takes 3 days ‘and a bit’ to autocomplete. Yesterday I had an order autocomplete around 74 hours after delivery.

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Contact your buyer and send him/her few reminders to check the delivered item on the order page as well as in the inbox.

Make your buyer aware that the order will be marked as autocomplete within so and so days or hours (I don’t know how much time you have exactly left as of now). Also communicate with the buyer if he/she needs more time to review the delivered item so as you can send him a resolution to extend the deadline.

Good Luck!!

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i have completed my order 20 days ago and i am still waiting for the order to be completed but it is still showing delivered and buyer did not demand any revision or improvement. i did not know what to do


Are you really sure about this because it sounds kinda strange to me.

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yes i am sure i messaged him 2 times to mark the ordered as completed but he did not reply.

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I had delivered one of my order to a buyer around 5 days ago and he never replied to any messages and the work was done as per the instructions on the progress given by the buyer.
I was expecting an automatic order completion, but the buyer didn’t allow so and requested the revisions. but again am waiting and there is no replies from the buyer afterwards. I feel like the buyer is not letting the order to complete and somehow the buyer might be expecting me to cancel it.

What should i do? i had put a lot of effort into this work, so i don’t want this to be cancelled.

Redeliver the order.