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I have confusion about my Fiverr Revenue Card

I have a few questions regarding getting paid through Fiverr. I have a Payoneer account which I used like a year back and now my card in it is expired. Because of inactivity on that account for a long time the ORDER NEW CARD option is not available there. I know I have to start earning again to get that option. Recently I started Fiver and earned more than $100. My question here is that what will happen if I use the Fiverr Revenue Card withdraw option to take out the money. I mean my card is expired, so where will the money go? Will my future ordered card have that money?
Also I had setup the BANK TRANSFER withdraw method as well in Fiverr and I know that by using that, the money goes directly to Payoneer account. My question here is that, is there a way inside Payoneer to transfer my money from my account to my new card when it comes.