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I have confusion today

Hi I’m Miraz Hossain.
I have confusion any one please help me out.
today here is electricity problem so I have a revision order and I can’t give him work on right time this show
LATE what happen next there is any problem

Please any know

No, you won’t have any issues if the initial delivery was made on time. Make sure to communicate with your buyer and let him know about the outage.

So you can post on the forum with the electricity problem?


:smiley: may be he posted with his mobile. He need PC for his Photoshop work :wink:


yes you are right. exactly this is.

Yes I tell him already.

Hmm, you forgot to pay the bill? :grin:
Go to an Internet Cafe or Library!

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No Nika, its an issue that First World people do not and will not understand.

Its called Load-shedding.


lol as expected :smiley: USA peoples are not familiar with the term “Load Shedding”

I’m very familiar with load-shedding, happens a lot (Island :palm_tree: Life). But, here in The States, any issues I encounter is due to severe weather related stuff. #Zing


I’ve spent time in the islands but didn’t know that had a name, when the electricity goes off all the time.

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Yeah, it sucks, but that’s the price you pay sometimes… Vacationing or Living in The Caribbean.

I’m planning a getaway this summer, heading down to Key West or Marco Island, Florida. :sunglasses: :sunny:


I love Key West but it’s too hot even for me in July and August.