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I have creatch 7 gig most intrsting in 3week but no any order came ! why?

i have 7 gig topic graphic design logo design banner designs etc. and all best description and elc dtail fil in but why not oerder came
one gig link hear _


Improve your gig Description. And be active.


mehedy061 thank you …

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These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will do app and minimalist logo unique,flat, icon in 24 hour
In the gig description:
“stationary design” could be “stationery design”

Gig: I will profassional and attractive graphic designer in 24 hour
In the gig title:
“profassional” could be “professional”

Gig: I will graphic ui logo banner and icon maker images
In the gig description:
“Marraige” could be “Marriage”
“PhotoGraphy” could be “Photography”

Maybe in the titles “in 24 hour” could be “in 24 hours”.

Also the thread title says you’ve created 7 gigs, but only 6 are active.


Though some catchphrases/common phrases might give confidence to the buyer (eg. saying “…you are in the right place”) and might help more than not saying them. There’s a TRS gig with over 12,000 reviews that says “…you are in the right place”. The OP doesn’t use that particular phrase though. Just like saying something like “order now” will also likely help.

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i check and correct that.
thank you

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Do not lose hope :+1:t2:


Hello Don’t worry bro do little SEO on your gigs and share it on social media and Keep it up.:slight_smile:

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