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I have create my account it as been a wide and I don't get orders how can I do it please I need your support

Am a new seller on fiverr how can I get many orders please I need your advise
This is my account ::::


Please correct space error in text you have written in your gig…
Like: 2million, 3millionreal
Will be: 2 million, 3 million real

And divide pricing correctly… :slightly_smiling_face:


How will I going to edit it

Marketing your Gigs on Social Media

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Please help me check it again I have correct my mistake

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@ayofe2003 It look good now :+1:

How will you help me to get order please

Your Gig is good :grinning:

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How will you going to help me to get order please I need your help

You need to publish at least five gigs. After publishing at least five gigs I guarantee you that you will have orders. Until then just keep patience and improve and increase your skills.

Am so grateful thank
But I will work on it now when I finish it you will help me to check it

Different skills or the same skill

It will be my pleasure to help you. :grinning:

Different skills. :upside_down_face:

Am so happy that you dey with me

Can you give me the guideline that I can follow

My pleasure :upside_down_face:

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just help me check it now I have create another gig please sir

send me the link please

This is it.