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I have created 6 gig but I couldn't find buyer request in 2 days


I have created 6 gigs but I couldn’t find any buyer request in 2 days. Why? I would like to know about this.


You have to keep patienc. Kep trying.


Try creating a new gig and select category to “Other”. It will help.


Make the number of gig might help you to get buyer request and share your gigs in social media.


Check this out:


You’re absolutely right :+1: @imamolsarker


@adnanalif I am sorry to say this but @imamolsarker is not quite right.

While it might seem like a wonderful idea in the beginning, it will end up doing you more harm than good.

Please bear in mind…

If you select the “others” category in your gig, your gig WILL NOT show up anymore in the “appropriate section” of the gig listing on Fiverr website… It will only be shown to customers in the “others” category which they might not even check.

Yes, choosing the “others” category might show you more buyer requests… But overall, is it an advantage? I don’t really think so… considering buyer will not be able to see your gig listed on the website. So, it will have a negative impact on your clicks, views, and impressions. :disappointed:


Thanks for your valuable suggestion :blush: @hanshuber16


Thanks @hanshuber16 for your nice reply !