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I have created a buyer request, how can I send the link to a particular seller I find interesting?


So I’ve created a buyer request with description and attachment etc. Offers that are coming in so far are not meeting the needs. I’ve found a few sellers that do meet my needs and I want to send them the request so that they could read the details and respond to it. How can do that?


Dear Sprint:

You should be able to find the seller’s profile on Fiverr, click on any of their relevant gigs, and begin a normal conversation.

You can give more information that the Seller needs this way, so please try that.

Good luck,


That was obvious. I entered this forum because I was looking for a way to avoid rewriting the offer and re-uploading the attachments to each potential seller.

Are you saying it is not possible to send an offer to the seller in any way? No share functionality, no unique link to the buyer request, not even a possibility to allow them to view requests created by me on my profile page? Anything?


Dear Sprint:

If you look around on the Forum, you’ll find that many Sellers don’t bother with Buyer Requests, because they don’t provide enough information.

I’d suggest you simply copy and paste whatever information from your original Buyer Request into a more personal, more detailed conversation with the Sellers that interest you.

Good luck,


Although you avoided answering my question, I take it as a No. At least, thank you for the quick response.

Why are you trying to neglect buyer requests feature? Maybe if Fiverr had a sharing feature, sellers would “bother” more with buyer requests. People would probably even share buyer requests on social media leading to growth of your company. Because for the buyers it is far more convenient than to search individual sellers and contact them. I totally don’t get your attitude.


There is a “Ask questions” button(Don’t remember the text properly) in each offer made to your request. Using that is much efficient and quicker than going to their profiles/their gigs and using the contact button there.

You can also try out to make a word document with all the images and text and perhaps create a RAR or ZIP archive if you are sending files and upload it to Dropbox. Then you can just send the link to the sellers. :slight_smile:


Hi there!

I think you answered your own question in your first post - the level of response you’ve had coming from the buyers’ request section isn’t what you were hoping for, so you want to approach sellers you’ve found by searching, and @blaisefaint suggested the ideal way to do it.

Can’t see a problem