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I have created a new account. how to get new orders?

i have created a new account. how to get new orders?


Create new gigs from your best skill.and published it. Go to more menu and click on it then click buyer request then see the active request. After seeing request you need to send offer by click on send offer button. Do it again and again every few minutes. Wait for message from buyer and reply quickly if you will get message.

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My tip is to select your gig category inside “other” instead of something dedicated to your gig. (e. g. instead of writing&translation->law writing, select “other” instead of law writing) That way you’ll get tons of buyer requests that are still related to your gig!
Good luck!

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I started with an old account and I am searching for old orders. Doesn’t work.

So I searched through forum for all answers and allied them on my GIGs.
You can do it too. There are a lot of recommendations on how to maximize your potential, you even have to Learn with Fiverr tutorial for free that will guide you through the whole process.

The majority of sellers who don’t know fiverr platform basic they got many orders from the new seller account advantages.

You completely missed me but that is OK. As once a Miss world contestant said after they asked how she feels about world hunger issue “It’s OK”

I think we missed ourselves together, not only me. Because I don’t force the keyboard to write.

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