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I Have Created A Rare Audio Book Maker Gig. Will I Get Enough Sales?

To my knowledge gigs that covert ebooks into audio books are very rare and very expensive. But I have created a audio book making gig which is very cheap, i do 1000 words for five bucks in my basic package, so according theory i should get good sales…but i am not sure that this will go exactly as planned, please do share your experiences of creating similar gigs. this is the link to my gig have a look

@crtvdesigner: Although your attempt is commendable, there is no way on Earth that anyone who is serious about having their e-book converted to an audio book would accept the automated voices you have in your sample. I think people look for others who can narrate the audio book themselves.
A better idea would be for you to target a market which can use your natural voice. Don’t think that the options you have put up are those that everyone in the market wants. Someone might need a person who sounds like they are from the region where you live for one of the characters in their book.
If I were you, I’d redo the sample with my own voice and see where it goes.

Best wishes,