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I have created my 4 gigs but still not getting orders please help any one can any

no getting the orders please help


try to active more in fiverr.

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@nisharga_kabir I am active on fiver whole night and almost half of day i am active on it. please do some help suggest some ones.

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@nisharga_kabir Please stop spreading this meaningless statement with no substance.


Just hope that the fiverr gods bless you with a high ranking… I only started getting sales once fiverr randomly ranked my gig high. Otherwise you need to take matters into your own hands and acquire your own sales.

Once you do get a sale though… over deliver (i.e give them more than they asked for and deliver quicker than expected) and hopefully fiverr will see you as a high performer and rank you higher.

Once you have reviews, you have social proof which makes things much easier. It took me months to get my first sale.


Change profile picture.

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After receiving 5 orders, I can’t get any new order, now I am waiting. I am sharing gigs on social media, I am trying to spend more time, but I am still trying to give less time for my job

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Buyer come to buy your service when you have good gigs. Like good title,good description,eye catching image, good price etc. So make that you have a good gig.

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dont loose hope…edit your gig if you think its not perfect and wait :slight_smile:

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it’s so frustrating as you are not getting any order with your four gigs and I know very well that how tough for a guy to open four gigs because for every new gig you have to research and a lot of things to do for publishing however my recommendation would be trying to diversify your gig-based on a different keyword in the field you are in expert with simultaneously try to make attractive title and tags which may help to attract a buyer to get you a response soon.

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As a professional here are some point to work on:

  1. This is a professional platform and this is not about just creating 4 gigs. Everyone in the world can create 4 gigs or more. Its about your skills, your passion and your ability to do work on those mentioned gigs.

  2. Create gigs according to your skills and just don’t copy others, mention your experience and try to put low price as you are new freelancer.

  3. Keep checking your impressions on gigs. If the impressions are going good then okay if not then try to make more improvements by checking out your competitors after a week or two.

  4. The last thing is that its all about how you present your services in your gig. Clients only care about that their work should be done perfectly without any error, excuses and high charge


Thank you so much. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you so much brother.

Thanks, minimum how much impressions required. I have overall 200.

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It’s my own. Then should I change.

Dear, should I take fiver earning courses or should I have to take fiver tests? Please give me some guidance…