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I have created my GIG many days ago but i don get any message


Hi! I am Mahadi Hasan. I want to work on fiverr and for this i create some GIG. but I do not get any message. Now what should I do. If any one can help me by any suggestion or anything else please it will be great for me.

Thank you!


don’t loose hope a day will come soon


thank you for your inspiration <3


only work you done that you can update your gig in a week or two weeks


do SEO and change your prices for few days keep it at minimum for few days.


then should I create new gig after deleting this or only modify this existing gig?


If the gig doesn’t have any sales or reviews, it’s better it back up the data and then delete it and create it again. This places the gig in the New Arrivals sections where others can see it. Editing doesn’t give it that big a boost.


be regular and don’t lose your hope


thank you for your great suggestion


thank you for your great suggestion


Do you send buyer request? if you are not sending then start buyer request. It is the best way to get orders for newbies like us. Wish you best of luck.