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I have created new account how to get new orders

Hey everyone,I am new here,

I have created new account how to get new orders…


You improve your skills and share Your gig in social media
Thank You


@rakibtony thank you

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Hello welcome to fiverr . Now you need create some gigs and sent 10 buyer request per day .


I understand, it is hard… you need to advertise on social media.


Try to make alltime login on Fiverr, Improve Gigs related skills and send a offer to buyer request options. Hope you get first order on fiverr.

Great your right @rakibtony

Welcome to fiver,make a very beautiful & creative gig image ,use important taglines,write description properly & stay online as you can long time

First, check some top gigs that related to your skill and then create your own unique gig using eye-catching image & original content ( don’t use others’ info).
Send offers to the buyer request.
Try to stay online as much as you can. Best of luck.

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You are coming in right place.

Optimize your gig properly and try to be active as much as you can and also don’t forget to develop your skill.

and if there are no social media? XD
what should I do??))))

congrats ,& welcome ,give your best work hope get order soon

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