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I have deleted my ranking gig

Hey, I have deleted my all old gig. Then I create all gig again. After that, I can’t get any orders. If there any problem with deleted my ranking gig? Thanks


Yes - you deleted the gigs that were ranking. Now they don’t rank.

You then created totally new gigs. New gigs rarely rank, unless you set them up properly.


New gigs don’t take on the ranking of previous gigs. That’s not how algorithms work.


Thanks for your replay. Please let me know what I have to do now? Thanks again

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Hey, Thanks for your kindness. What i need do right now to get order? Thanks

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Well , I did’t understand that why you removed your old gigs and created new gigs! If you see current fiverr competition you will see that , New people are ranking and old people are also getting good result in terms of getting orders.

I can Suggest you to do following : Take time and learn about the Current Fiverr Market in your Subject of Selling. Setup your gigs properly and you will get a Buyers Inquiry for Sure!

May i know why you removed the old Gigs and Created New Gigs ?


Now you should improve your new gigs again.

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Thanks for your suggestion. I just got 3 order from my old gigs in 4 months. That’s why i deleted my all gigs and create new gigs. but after creating new gigs I can’t get any order in last two months. please give me a solution. Thanks

Contact the Customer Support. Sometime gig don’t appear just because of gig problem. You can contact customer support and ask them to Review Your Gig! and Explain him the problem you are facing!!


Thank you Brother for your Suggestions. Take care of yourself

I have contact with the Customer Support. They told me (I have checked it for you and I can confirm that the Gig is active and searchable. We can not guarantee certain positioning - it varies from time to time depending on your performance, and other freelancers who compete with you.) But they don’t tell me anything about the deleted gigs. Thanks

What’s to tell about deleted gigs? You have deleted them, and they’re gone.


There’s no procedure you can take that ensures orders.

You need to learn how these works if you want to get sales.

The fact that you thought deleting a gig and recreating it would help you get orders shows that you fundamentally don’t understand.

There is a lot of information out there on how algorithms and marketplaces work. You should also look up the law of supply and demand.

It would make no sense from a business perspective to prioritize sellers in the ranking just because they deleted a gig and recreated it.


The ranking was also deleted slalom with the gig you deleted