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I have delivered but they keep asking for revisions. What happens if they don't accept my cancellation? Can they still leave a bad review?

I’m starting out and was asked to do a very low budget blog. It required extensive research but I took it for the extra review. Well now no matter how many times I change it, there’s still more, never satisfied. Its a 5 dollar gig you guys and I did my best to deliver good work, I didn’t do sloppy work just because it was cheap.

I really want to cancel and don’t mind him keeping my work and the money. If they accept they can’t review me but what happens if they cancel my request for cancellation?

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You will have to contact the customer support if there is no mutual agreement. Once the order is cancelled they cant review it.


Please do not contact customer support to request a cancellation. Try to request a mutual cancellation through the order page resolution centre first.

Don’t force your buyer for cancellation. If your work is right but your client does not do cancellation with the mutual agreement then please contact super cool Fiverr support. :smiley:

For my experience they can’t review if the order is canceled, I don’t know if they can if the order is delivered and cancel in the revision phase.
In my opinion don’t spend time and energy on this buyer, he/she probably is acting like this to force you to cancel so they can have your work for free. You have two options:
ask for mutual cancellation
contact the customer support ask them to close the order and mark it as complete (buyer can’t leave review in that case)
Just leave it, if the order is in revision it doesn’t affect you score. They don’t get your work and you don’t get the 5$ but they can’t leave a review. Nobody can force you to work with a seller who is a terrible person.

This is my experience. I am sorry for this experience, some buyer are like predators looking for new seller who wants to have reviews and do this on purpose.