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I have delivered my First Order

Yay, I delivered my first order but…
Instead, the customer accepted it, the order completed on its own in 3 days.
What does this mean? Does it mean the customer is unhappy?
The customer is chatting with me but he’s not saying anything about order acceptance or rejection.
What should be my next steps?

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This is pretty common, unfortunately. If the buyer doesn’t close the order, or request revisions, the order will auto close in 3 days. Not only does it take longer for your money to clear but it also cheats you out of a rating and review.

It is a frustrating situation, but there isn’t much you can do about it. I’ve had 10 sales and only 5 were reviewed, and I can only assume the other 5 sales were satisfactory since I had no complaints. That’s the way I look at it, because you know damn well if a customer had a problem with your work, they will let you know about it.

I wish fiverr would enforce the rating and review system to buyers, since sellers rely so heavily on reviews to acquire new clients.
Some buyers come to fiverr for a one off purchase and don’t bother with the site afterwards, however there are buyers who have been with the site for a long time and most likely know how important ratings and reviews are to sellers, but still refuse to rate and review the services received. In my opinion it’s very inconsiderate, but as another forum member pointed out, you don’t always review things when you buy them online, do you? If you buy some things from amazon or a major online retailer, do you always rate and review their services… most likely not, I know I don’t.

Consider this a W for the time being and just hope you get more clients who will give you honest feedback.

Best of luck!

Jonathan Crounse

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No rating is better than a rating that’s lower than 5 stars. What if Fiverr enforced rating, and you started getting 4, 3, 2 stars every now and then?

@mentorsweb, some buyers just don’t rate. Some don’t care to rate, some don’t want to leave you a lower rating, some find the rating system a hassle, and some don’t want their username to show on your profile/gig page (for various reasons).


Thanks guys. Thanks a lot


In that case I would find out why I received the low rating and work on the issues presented. It’s not a matter of positive ratings, at least for me anyway. I just want to know how I did and how I can deliver better service.
You are absolutely right though, it is a double edged sword.

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I suppose 5r could make buyers review and rate before allowing us to “accept order.” That would force me to give :star::star::star: or less to average/below average work.

Right now I give :star::star::star::star::star: to above average. If seller gives less than what is in gig, I typically give seller benefit of doubt, as some gigs are subjective to taste., and skip the review; that way I won’t ruin their 5r career.


Sometimes it might also be simply that a buyer is new to Fiverr too and somewhat overwhelmed with the experience and all the buttons and stuff. Or have several orders and conversations etc., open and just completed etc. and lose the overview. :wink:

How to react, from my POV, depends on the individual case.

It´s possible to review orders for up to 30 days after delivery BTW, nvm if the buyer actively accepted the order or not, and it does happen as well that when orders auto complete because a buyer didn´t get around to logging in during those 3 days they will later leave a review, when they do.
The ‘How was your experience with this order? Please rate.’ or something similar sits on the dashboard as a notification for a while as a reminder. As a buyer, I usually rated everything I got when accepting it, but one time I couldn´t really check it right away, so left the rating for until after that (was a 5 star rating then). :slight_smile:

Oh, and congrats on your first order done. :four_leaf_clover:


I understand where you’re coming from. Maybe I don’t see it the same way since fiverr isn’t my only source of income, or a main source of income.
I would want to know if I’m sending out subpar work, so I can work to make things better for the client and future clients. But I guess that can be discussed in private messages.
The voice over business is much different outside of fiverr, since I have to audition for almost every job I get. Producers and talent managers are quick to give honest feedback. Brutally. Honest. Feedback.

Thank you and @catwriter for widening my view on this!

You guys are awesome. Thanks a lot, you covered and explained all the aspects. I really appreciate it.
I will keep this in mind and try to stay safe from this double edged sword.

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Thanks a lot. Appreciate it

When this happens to me, I just ask my buyer to provide a rating. Seemed to work. :grinning:

If the buyer doesnt response that order will be completed automatically by 3 days.
But note that he will be able to post review after 3 days.

But he cant be able to ask for modification after 3 days