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I have delivered my order after 20 minutes late

I have delivered my order by 20 minutes late. Will it hamper my rating?


Late is late.

It will affect your on-time delivery performance but may not affect your current Level (deliver 90% of your orders on time, over the course of 60 days).


Thanks for reply. But my on-time delivery rate is still 100%. I am wondering that why this is still 100%? Is the 20 minutes is not a big issue?


It takes time for site to display things. It will happen eventually.


Over the 60 days, you can improve by completingover in time


Thank you for your information.

It will affect your stats after the order marked completed, not after your delivery.


Depends on how many orders do you get monthly. If it’s a lot, 1 late delivery (or cancellation, or unanswered message) may never affect the overall %.


This shows up (below) even when I delivered the order On Time or before the delivery is due. If you get a Revision Request and you don’t get to it immediately or the buyer took their time and it’s a week later it will say: #####LATE####
Across the top in big red letters until you deliver the revision. Drives me Nuts!!! I asked CS about it and in that case it does not affect your on time delivery % only if you deliver the original order late.

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Thank you a lot . I was waiting this kind of answer. So I have got my question’s answer perfectly!

It was so helpful to me… I have completed only 15 ordered . In the same time , I have delivered my two project in late.