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I have delivered the order but it is still showing “in progress”

I have delivered the order to my client but on the dashboard its still showing in "in progress " mode.What if the time ran out?
Does fiverr will do anything for this problem?
Please do something for that…!


I already experienced this issue twice since yesterday.

It’s random and it goes away after a few minutes.

If you click on the order, it actually shows as delivered.

Your buyer also received it.

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But the time is still decreasing of the order and what if the order is cancelled without any reason?

The timer only appears on your dashboard, correct?

Open the order and you will see there is no timer.

Yes,on the order page it shows that the order is delivered.And the timer is on the dashboard.But why it’s decreasing?

I hope that fiverr will resolve the issue!

I already responded: it is a bug. Give it 15 minutes, and you will see it will be resolved.

If you want additional support feel free to open a CS ticket, but they will get back to you within 2-3 days.

It is already 3 hours when I first delivered the order and you are saying that give it 15 minutes and it will be resolved.I deliver the order again and again for about 4 to 5 times!

Well you shouldn’t have done that, I tried to help you before you started doing things out of sheer panic.

The order is delivered, you are now spamming your buyer and overloading the system, which is why it still hasn’t been resolved on your end like it was on my end.

I am not a Fiverr employee, I am a seller who faced the same issue and wanted to re-assure you your order is actually delivered.

I hope that fiverr will resolve this issue!

I appreciate your help!

Please don’t call me bro. All the best.

Thanks for your time and help!

Now I can see why you started to panic.

You may also want to remove the misleading tagline from your profile.

Someone may report you.

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Thanks a lot!I hope this will be resolved soon!

I also hope you will remove the misleading tagline from your profile soon as well!

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Please tell me where is misleading tagline in my profile?

Ummm that is so sneaky because it looks like it might actually be a Top Rated Seller when you glance at it!

@daniyal917 You need to delete “top rated seller” from your profile description ASAP

Are you in deni(y)al?


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STOP :rofl: