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I have delivered work 5 times but 1 of them have review :(


I have delivered work 5 times but 1 of them have review :frowning:

4 of 5 are automatic marked as completed :frowning:

so i dont have only 1 positive review :frowning:


Try messaging the people asking if they’re 100% satisfied, and what you could change- be sure to mention you haven’t heard from them and they haven’t completed the order!

About 1/7 people usually don’t review.


You can ask for their feedback.


And some gigs no review count to become level 1 ??


ask nicely for feedback


Try messaging them this :

Hello ! Just wanted to say thank you for your order and to ask if you’re happy with it.

If so, I would appreciate a if you could leave nice review on my gig , it will help me alot with my rating. Thanks again!


Send them a message politely requesting that they leave feedback, also ask if they are 100% satisfied and if they have any further questions or concerns about the order your here to help. :slight_smile:


I always ask for feedback when I turn in the completed assignment. I say the following:

"Please leave positive feedback for me and I’ll do the same for you"

It works about 90% of time. Always ask for positive feedback when you make delivery, this way it’ll save you time and effort because you’re already on the order page :slight_smile:


When I worked on fiverr I made it quite obvious that I wanted feedback. Right when I completed the gig I’d tell them at the end to “Please make sure to leave feedback, and have a great day!” This usually helped me get reviews pretty easily. Sometimes I didn’t get a rating from someone, but it wasn’t a big deal when most people gave me reviews anyways. Just keep at it and I’m sure someone will give you positive feedback.


Be sick :frowning: only 1 review :frowning:


Asking politely for feedback can be effective. But expect only about 40% to leave feedback. It’s especially frustrating when you were particularly proud of a delivery and had high hopes for a glowingly enthusiastic review. Hang in there. With volume comes feedback.


Reply to @plusvn: I think if you ask kindly, and if the buyer doesn’t want to remain anonymous, there is no reason for him to give you a feedback.

arnevb said: I get that a lot... But now I kindly ask every buyer to leave a rating. "Please leave a rating down below, that would simply make my day!"

I agree. Sometimes buyers don't know they can leave a review. My solution: Kindly remind them.


Thank guys. I’m sent message to them. Until now I dont receive respone, still waiting. :frowning:


Reply to @sarit11: Thank you friend. It works. :slight_smile:


Look the key to getting positive remarks or rating (whatever you call it) naturally from your buyers is to do what I always recommend: Under Promise But OVER DELIVER.

It is risky to ask a Buyer to leave a feedback. I do not do that that because I have found out that most buyers who do not rate you are in some way not satisfy with your delivery but would not like to give you bad rating either. Now how do you know that in the first place? Simply contact each one of them to know how they feel about your delivery first. If they sound positive, then tell them to indicate there feelings by leaving a positive feedback on your Gig. This is NATURAL and more reasonable. It could fuel the anger of a buyer who receives your delivery and did not in anyway get satisfied with your delivery to berate your Gig if you along with your delivery instruct the buyer to Give you good rating.

So Let the rating comes Naturally by offering HEAVY BONUS.

If your Gig is a Service Oriented one, then the easiest way to offer HEAVY BONUS is by adding Quality E-books that relates to your Gig delivery.

You can get this kind of e-books on via Google.


Ask them to put a comment, many of them will do it :slight_smile:


I always mention at the bottom of my delivery message:

"And please remember to review me on Fiverr!"

I probably get 80% of my gigs reviewed.



What is the most frustrating is when orders are not closed out when they are done. Because it takes longer to get paid.