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I have demoted and all of my gigs goes down

I have demoted and all of my gigs rank goes down. So can anyone say how many days it will take to recover?

Deliver on time status goes to 81%. How many days it will take to recover and how? because now I’m not able to get a single order. So how can I improve this status?

Also, want to know if is there any chance to back in rank again as before because 3 - 4 of my gigs ranked on 1st before.

Please share your experience friends, Need your help and suggestions!



I don’t see how we can give you a spiecific amount of days for your gig to rank again.

Do a better job and once you regain your position with better job for other orders you will get your ranking back.

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It could take awhile, seems to me you struggle delivering things on time so I suggest you start offering to do work in 3 or 7 days, and instead of 24/hour delivery, offer 2-day delivery if you can handle it.

My issue was order completion rate, I was stuck at 90% for a very long time, sometimes I would fall to 89% and get demoted. Now I’m at 95% so I can breathe a little better.


I was ranking on 1st position for the following keywords but now its not.

1 - usa classified ads

2 - on page seo

3 - canada classified ads

4 - on page seo optimization

5 - seo link building

Please check and let me know if you have any suggestion for me. I really really need your help!


Tell you what, @oldpcc - i’d like to know how you get all those icons on your gig descriptions! Very eye catching …

I think you should be able to copy-paste them from a unicode library.

Thanks - very useful