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I have disabled last account, where i add NID

I have disabled last account in order to bad feedback. Meanwhile i have created a new account. so i wanna verify my identity by my NID Card. Note: I did verify my previous disabled account by this NID. if i verify my new account same NID. is there any problem?

I’m confused. You disabled your previous account so that people don’t see your bad review(s)? That sounds a bit dishonest. Fiverr may not like you doing that.


but that was my new account only i had 3 review of my previous account. that’s why attempt to create a new account

Like I said, it seems a bit dishonest to delete your own account with three presumably bad reviews, so that buyers don’t see them. It’s also worth noting that Fiverr does not like users having more than one account, for any reason.

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fiverr accept your nid that you already use old account ?