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I have done 2 cheap job and also down my rating


I have done 2 cheap job and also down my rating,

any one know how to improve my rating,plz help me my Job is good last time thane coming job greatly and now no one jobs are coming plzz give me some tip or Suggestion

Thank You

Maharshi Chavda


Its really difficult to get back 100% rating. Almost Impossible mathematically. :expressionless:



any type of other Way to Improve my Rating…


You can give all your buyers 100% support ask them if they liked your work communicate ! And tell them to give it a thumbs up if they like it.

If they say they have a problem try and repair it.


Have your description convince people that the rating is actually your progress on Fiverr…you know, “50% complete.” And that the title “Positive Rating” is just a statement, like a badge. So…you can read it as "Positive Rating…Since Joining Fiverr"

Yeah, I’d start over.