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I have done 4 job in 2 gigs but I don't know why they remove my gig

I have done 4 jobs in my new account my previous account was @alaminlinkon you can find me on the forum. I just change my Fiverr URL for the search result. I was confused about the URL and the order was not satisfied maybe for the SEO. If someone searches for my name on google, google shows the first page including my social link and post in quora

That’s the way I think I need to change my URL there was my previous badge
But mainly why I change my name?

The order was limited getting frustrated day by day and I have decided to change my URL but I was wrong my previous account was good if I try to fix SEO on my gig I think it would be the best solution for me.

In this new account, I have created a new gig for social media but somehow after getting 4 orders Fiverr remove my gig and they notified me My gig image was not my but I am 1000% sure the design was mine. I am not using my Fiverr for external communication and offline work but they notified me like this. I have talked to support but not getting an appropriate solution
and Fiverr stop me and temporarily restricted applied. now I have no permission to create new gigs, not permission to delete denied gigs. the gig was ranked in first 1 2 pages female buyer takes my gig link in Fiverr inbox but the name was suspicious she told me if I do the work for the 5 dollars she will share my Fiverr gig in har 3k member group. I have thought it’s time to marketing but this decision makes me remove from the rank.

Maybe this happing for I was using my blog link in my gig description or buyer report so you could take knowledge from my mistake. But I think Fiverr need to update it 10 dollars so Fiverr can remove buyer who is not in this market for the working who come just reducing rising talent.

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What do you mean my “Maine?”


Most likely “mine”. So he used someone else’s image.


@donnovan86 I am not using someone image all design was my but I have edit it so many times. I have use model in my gig image maybe that is was problem

I was use blog link in my gig this is the second problem

It was writing mistake it mine

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