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I have done buyer requirement but buyer want refund

Buyer has a site on Wix and he wants to create his Wix site into WordPress. After discussion he places an order after placing an order he didn’t give me WordPress access. After asking several time he told me I don’t have wordpress site how to do help me. I give him instruction on how to purchase a domain and hosting. In the meantime, I create the site into my server after instruction him how purchase a domain and hosting. So I complete the site and knock him again to give me access but he delayed to give me an answer and deliver time comes to end so I deliver the work. When he comes back online and say sorry and give me revision. Then again told him about access and again he told me to help me how to do it. Then again I told him everything and told him if you can’t do this then give me pc remote access or give your access to transfer the domain or give me a name so that I can purchase the domain. But he don’t reponse and agin I extend the time and again he also aprrove the extended time the again I told him what I can do now? After 2 days he cancel the order. What I can do now? Please help me

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Try to contact customer service and make a detailed case about the matter so that they can review it and possibly not let it go against your account status.

The buyer may not even have a clue about what they did because some new buyers/buyers have no understanding whatsoever as to how Fiverr works and when they change their minds it causes damage to you.

Also, it is highly unlikely that you will get paid for the work that you have done, so I wouldn’t count on that. You will have to count it as a loss but nonetheless contact CS as soon as possible.