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I have done nothing, my gig was removed

I don’t know what happened but yesterday evening I got a mail from Fiverr saying that your gig has been removed and given the reason that someone has flagged the gig photos that I’m not showcasing original photos as the gig is. And before that, I also have completed 5 orders of that gig.
It was of creating the Outro video for youtube channel.
And also I have shown all the original photos of my videos.
I have added the screenshots of that video.
But don’t know Why fiverr have removed my gig.
And Please tell me is there any way to get my gig back?


Edited as it the OP has posted new info.


I have not purchased any images and videos from any other sellers, In fact I have created them all by my own, investing my own time and energy. And in some video which needed some logo then i have used the fiverr logo for it. And I have Just taken a screenshot of that video i made and put it into my gig.
Can I regain my gig?
And another thing I noticed that the order no. which is showing for my gig is decreasing day by day.

You have the setting on “Show last 30 days”, so probably one of those formerly 4 orders now is out of the 30-day window.

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That might actually be the problem? I’ve seen before that gigs were removed because of that.

I was referring to the text in the warning message - it was mentioned there.