I have earned $5000 in fiverr in six months


I would like to thanks fiverr for their support in this time and also all of you forum members for your posts full of really profitable information.

Thank you everybody :wink:




That 's amazing Congrats!!!


I salute you! Wow! <:-P


Yay!! Congrats :)>-


Great job. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


That’s awesome! Hopefully soon you’ll achieve your “Top Rated Seller” badge! :smiley: :smiley:






Congrats, hope that happens to me haha


Unreal, well done! :slight_smile:


Congratulations but please do not post how much you make on Fiverr - this is bait for potential scammers and computer hackers.


Inspirational !


Congratulations. keep it up, we hope to get there soon.


You are lying because if we click on your profile and on fiver page we see you have 6 gigs and the total completed orders of your gigs are 535 so according to this calculation you earned 539 x $5 = $2695.

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Reply to @ceciliaanderson: It doesn’t mean each order is $5. Also there are many unrated orders.


Reply to @annai80: Thanks


Reply to @ceciliaanderson: Hi,

I’m not lying. I have 539 reviews but my review ratio is around 75% of the orders. I have completed more than 750 orders at the moment. You have to consider that not all orders are $5. I have received orders for more than $100 in some cases.

I registered in 2012 but I started selling gigs in fiverr in august last year.


Reply to @freelancepromw: that would be great :wink:


Reply to @mystic_insight: i don’t agree with you…