I have earned 5K+ by 43 orders


Hello There,
Hope you are doing well.

I want to share some success stories here. I have completed 43 orders and earned 5K+!

New sellers can get an inspiration from this. Just try and one day you can also post this like of the success story. Never give up. Work hard, Dream big!

You can also share your stories here.

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Congratulations! How long has it taken you to make the 5k?


Thank you. It took a long time - 1.5 years! In the meantime, I was irregular for family issues.


Well done! I’m over 300 orders and I’m not yet even close to that number. :confused:


congrate. How did you do it


I am a web designer. I sold website design/redesign gigs.


Congratulations to complete over 300 orders! It’s a dream for me. Just increase your gig price. You will be top rated very soon.


Congratulations! It is a big thing and inspiration for others.


Wow. Congratulations, hope to get there some day


Thank you! That’s the only reason to post this story. I will happy if anyone gets inspired from this post.


Thank you. Best of luck.


Oh… Congratulations. It’s really amazing.:heart_eyes:


Wow!! 43 orders?
That’s good.
I made that with over 200 orders, in a year.


Thank you! Though that was not easy. I did not get any order for first 3 months. Still struggling to get order. :slight_smile:


Thank you and congratulations to completed 200 orders. It’s huge!


5k over 43k? That’s an impressive average, 116 dollars per order. Well done my friend!




Hey, many many Congratulations. I am new here and i hope i’ll also cross that numbers …:crossed_fingers:




Avg. Selling Price
$150.86 :slight_smile:

Thank you.