I have edited my gigs few times


I have created my gigs two weeks ago but there are no sells yet but i have edited my gigs many times.
Please advice me how should we proceed here?


Well, I just looked at your tagline, and immediately clicked the [X]

I am a professional desinger for buyer and designe is my passion

  • Fix the incorrect spellings.

Perhaps other users will come along, and provide other suggestions.


I have updated my tagline. many many thanks.


Please be patient. Success takes time. You cannot expect to jump over the hard work part of being a freelancer, and building your reputation, in order to immediately skip to the famous part (where you make lots of money). That’s not how Fiverr works. You’re going to have to take the long road to the top, and the long road comes with hard, hard work.

You’ve been here only two weeks. Come back in a few months and tell me what you did to build your gig. If you treat your gigs like a business, in a few months, you could be making an income here.

The path matters more than the destination.

Good luck!


I have been here since the middle of July and have written and rewritten my gigs. I also have added more gigs. Last month my sales picked up and this month they are better.


i have created 6 gigs 1 year ago and think what?

 NO ORDER  ****received*****


I think you’re not taking your gigs seriously. I think you’re sitting back, waiting for success to find you, rather than working hard to go out and find it.


I am new on fiverr.i joined the fiverr about 2 month ago.so for i received/complete 8 orders.I think in start you need to regularly use buyer request section and don’t disappoint anyway.Give time and relax.
Give some time to fiverr on regular basis.so for i am happy with results.