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I Have Enough Knowledge But Not Get Order

I can make any type of website by wordpress. I Create More than 3 Gigs And it’s Over 90 Days Till no order. This is mention, I Can Make Any Type Website Such As, E-commerce, Business, Personal , Movie Website. Can any one please guide me .

Pick a niche. If you like working on eCommerce websites then create a gig for it.
However, before you do that you should really do some behind the scenes work

  • Take a design course to learn the basics (color palettes, typography etc)
  • Pick a user-friendly theme that your users can use (Divi, Elementor, Beaver Builder or whatever you like)
  • Invest in developer licenses (ensure your clients’ websites are secure, functional and optimized)
  • Streamline your development process
  • Prepare the documentation (proposals, how-to guides etc.)
  • Adjust your prices and get some of your old clients to buy your first gig

If you do this right then a month should be enough to get some orders. If you don’t then maybe Fiverr is not the right platform for you. There are other platforms focusing more on bidding system.