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I have everything required for TRS, but I've been rejected three months in a row, why?

So, how do you get Fiverr TRS? I have fulfilled and maintained all requirements, but I’m still at level two. It’s been three months of “we’ve decided to keep you as a Level 2 Seller”. Who gets TRS? How?

This is not a rant, I just would like to know what else is needed.


TRS sellers are manually selected by Fiverr. It is nice to look at what you need to qualify and wait to simply o up a level. However, this simply isn’t how it works.

The secret ingredient to being a TRS seems to be sales volume. Make lots of money and make it quickly, and you might get a badge.


Not the best way, if you ask me. But hey, I still make good income on Fiverr, too bad the “secret ingredient” has a lot do with how quickly you make money, so seniority on the site equals nothing, as long as you get to $20,000 in two months… BOOM, TRS!

Good income means different things to different people. You have a nice long menu of extras so that is impressive. I’m sure you do very well here.

In addition to what cyaxrex said, we don’t know the full details of how TRS are selected but it is very few out of all level two sellers. The editors of fiverr see something special they like when they give a seller that badge.


Hi, I just got the top rated badge after 1 month of reviewing my account by fiverr teams!

So many things are required to get the Badge!
At first from my experience!

  1. Avg. Selling Matters Above $40 i guess
  2. Dashboard Stats must be all 100% or 99%
  3. Replying clients as fast as possible. Whether you get the order or not!
  4. Deliver the order at list 1 day ago before deadline
  5. Order Cancel amount must be $0
  6. Delete all the gigs which are not necessary. For an example i have 20+ gigs last month but after getting message from fiverr just like yours i deleted the gigs which i am not selling regularly on fiverr! I have just one gig now! And i am getting order through that gig only! Don’t paused them as well, just delete it.
  7. If you have two same skill gigs then delete the other one!

Best of luck, if you maintain the points above then i hope you will get the badge! :slight_smile:


Those are all good things to do but there is nothing mentioned anywhere that these are all necessary. It is possible to do all of these and still not become a top rated seller.

You don’t have to delete all but one or two gigs. I had about ten when I was made a top rated seller. At that time my average sales price was $5.

I don’t want sellers to think if they do all the things on your list they will become a top rated seller.


that’s true I’ve seen sellers with the highest category that is top rated seller and they have more than 10 gigs active and selling at the same time. so I do not see it necessary to erase everything as it says @rifatmhuq100

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I also same everything required for TRS, rejected almost 6 months.

When did you get the Badge?

Three or four years ago. I knew I was qualified for it for a long time before I got it. I was doing a tremendous business here with nothing but delighted clients. And I was working seven days a week. There was no one like me here.

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Please don’t take offense at this. However, I’m noticing a trend with a lot of new TRS people at the moment. Click on their profile, and you see that a lot buy very frequently from other sellers who sell the same, or a very similar service as them. (Just for a lot less.)

Is this not the real secret ingredient? I mean this does make turning round orders quickly easy. :shushing_face:


So those reviews of buyer’s do serve a purpose then. :slight_smile:

I file this situation in the “whatever works” folder. Whatever he is doing, it works. Maybe they messaged him asking for work.

Maybe what you need is just a bit more patience while keeping up the good work.
I got that message a few times as well and told myself ‘well, if you maybe need a sales volume above howevermany $, or may never have bothered CS with your stuff, or may not even have had a single ‘buyer ordered by mistake’ cancellation, or whatever other secret requirement is in the TRS awesomesauce nowadays, then you might never get that level … , well, then not. Just focus on doing your job, you don’t need badges for validation, your work and service speak for themselves. As long as you’re happy with what you do and how you work, and your clients are happy, and your time and expertise gets paid, all is great.’ Eventually, I got the congrats message, after all.

What I can definitely tell you, or anyone, is it’s not worth losing sleep over or feeling upset or even really thinking about, there are so many more important things in life.
Do the best you can, for yourself, for your Fiverr business, for your Fiverr clients, and forget about TRS until you get the congratulatory message, or not, doesn’t matter too much, as long as you know yourself that you’re doing a great job, you don’t need to let other people’s/the system’s more or less random requirements validate your efforts, if it’s good enough for you, it’s good as it is, if it’s good enough for Fiverr’s TRS requirements, you’ll get there.

If it’s a consolation, or hope for some people, by the way, I actually do think you can also and actually get there more via the ‘top rated’ part (and don’t forget the “secret” part of the ratings) than volume of sales or monthly earnings - both of which certainly play a part, of course, and in some cases maybe outweigh other things. But I do think the eval team does consider ‘the whole picture’, and might weight different criteria differently, like if a seller has a really unique/cool gig, it might tilt the scales to TRS even if they don’t have quite as high monthly earnings compared to other sellers in their hood, for instance.

Bottom line: I’d tell anyone who’s waiting for the TRS message to not wait.
If everything you do is optimized, carry on; if not, try to do better, but focus on getting better/more efficient/faster/whatever may be lacking, for yourself, your business, your growth as a freelancer, and if TRS happens, welcome it as a nice byproduct of your efforts, not so much as an ‘end goal’ in itself.
Your “end” goal, IMO, on Fiverr or elsewhere, should be to develop, offer, and deliver the best service(s) you can, review, rinse and repeat, as time and things change, badge or no badge.

If you get the badges along the way, great, if not, either you’re doing less than you could/less than other people do, or your and the badge people’s values, priorities and such don’t align currently. As long as you’re getting jobs and you and your customers are happy enough with your work, it’s still great.