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I have everything required for TRS Butt Not TRS

So, how do you get Fiverr TRS? I have fulfilled and maintained all requirements, but I’m still at level two.

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If you type “Didn’t get TRS” in the search bar above there are several posts on this much discussed subject, which you may find interesting.


Hello, it’s a little bit confusing when you see you have fulfilled the requirements for becoming a TRS but you don’t become one. There are lots of people who have fulfilled these but never become one, because Top Rated Sellers are chosen by fiverr’s editors. It is not automatic, the way the other levels are.


I just opened the thread for the “TRS butt”.


I have everything required for TRS and I’m more awesome than a fiery rainbow raining gold over the world, but I’m not TRS either. I just don’t think about it.

Do what you do, be better than other people who do the same, and just keep rinsing and repeating. Every time you get a 5-star review, you have achieved TRS status in the eyes of your buyer. Focus on that and just keep going.


Don’t bother asking support - they will just give you some half-assed excuse


If you’re using the same gig images for more than one gig maybe that could affect it.
Maybe pricing of gig packages could too.

Hi, I am facing the same problem here, I have fulfilled the requirements, yet I am not promoted. Looking for suggestions

What kind of suggestions? It’s manually process and trs are hand picked and manually chosen by fiverr staff.

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What changes I can do , to improve the chances of being selected for nomination ?