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I Have forgot My Security question & Can not change my phone number

I Have forgot My Security question & Can not change my phone number. I have lost my phone, that’s why i need to change my phone number. Please Help Me How Can I change My Phone number & what can I Do

We are Buyers/Sellers we don’t have the tools :hammer_and_wrench: to help you. We cannot navigate your :brain: to figure out your security Q. Contact Customer Support.

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I Never Asked You To navigate my brain. I want help or solution Or want to know what can i do

I already told you what you need to do contact customer support.
Buyers/Sellers on this forum cannot help you with this problem.


Submit a ticket to fiverr CS Team and tell them your problem they will fix it “sharif337”

Other wise you can get you’re duplicate phone number from the any branch of your sim provider network?

Hi I have this problem too.

I Contacted The Support The Customer Said Me (Please try to remember the question and answer, and let us know if further assistance is needed) What Can I Do Please Help Me.

re submit the ticket you will get different answer
try to tell them that you can not able to use that number because of some technical problems
so you need to add new number

The forum is not a substitute for Customer Support. You will have to stick with Support at this point. Good luck.