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I have Fulfilled all requirements for top rated seller but

Anyone can help me, please

  1. Community leadership: how can I achieve this.
  2. The volume of sales: approximately how much sales?
  3. What is the secret to being top rated seller

Thank you.

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No secrets whatsoever.
All top rated sellers are handpicked by fiverr and only they know what’s the criteria.


maybe top rated seller can tips us.

For that you can search this forum and read the stories they already shared :woman_shrugging:


I got ranked TRS twice during 2018 when I was still very active. I think aged account with good reviews and sales record do a part in selection for TRS promotion.

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You have been advised by @mariashtelle1 to use the Forum search feature, and she was wise to suggest that.

I searched for this and found many answers. The first one was posted by a mod and is full of much information. If I can search for this answer, I bet you can too. :wink:

The answer to your question is stated on your analytics page in the forum of the number of dollars you should earn.

I am not a TRS, but I have many Forum friends that are. I agree with @vince007 good reviews are a part of it, but IMHO it also is the quality of your service and the uniqueness of what you offer.

However, it would still be useful for you to search for an answer to this question because there are many interesting threads on it.


There’s no secret, as has been discussed here many, many times. If you read before asking, you’ll see that.

It’s based on what Fiverr feels is best for their business, not based on who completes secret tasks. No successful business runs that way…

Focus on building a strong business instead of trying to find tricks to bypass Fiverr’s business model. There aren’t any. It’s about good old fashioned business, not a scavenger hunt.


I have referred around 60+ Freelancer and they are my students.
Out of 60 many are level two seller, level 1 seller.


“Hahahaha” Wow grow up.

You’re looking for a “secret” to become a TRS. It would make no sense for Fiverr to grant it that way. None of what you said changes that.


Are you the one responsible for the newbies who were spamming the Forum a while back repeatedly asking questions like, “What are TOS.” and such. It was very annoying. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Every day multiple newbies would be on the Forum asking the same question. When we asked them why they said they were taking a class and asking the question on the Forum was a class assignment. :roll_eyes:


Please tell all your students to thoroughly read the forum for 2 months before even thinking of posting here.

That would be my big tip for new people.

Maybe a class on Fiverr Forum Reading Comprehension and Etiquette would work. :slightly_smiling_face:


I used to be super excited about qualifying for TRS, too.

After the 5th month, the excitement faded.

Now I’m just super grateful I’m still a Level 2 Seller :slightly_smiling_face:


Beyond the obvious?

  1. Nobody knows but Fiverr
  2. Nobody knows but Fiverr
  3. Nobody knows but Fiverr

Really. Use the readily available info that Fiverr publishes, and make up your own assumptions, deductions and theories if you think it will help you in some way because you won’t get more than that.

If you hope TRS can give you any more facts, sorry but they only get notified that they are now TRS but not why.
Like the algorithm, it shall remain a mystery to spice up our existence. :wink:


:laughing: that’s hysterical


TRS are handpicked by Fiverr.

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why your excitement faded :frowning: