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I have get a bad response time of 5 hours and I want to know can I delete and create my new account

30 days ago, One client send me a message on fiverr for information but I reply him 5 hours ago because I am busy in other works. Then now I have completed 60 days of my account Creation. I have no orders and reviews on my profile. I think My response rate of 5 hours are not good, what about you. And now I want a new start so this is right to create new account from same mobile after deleting the old account. And can you also plese tell me the difference between delete account and deactivation account. And what I need to do delete, deactivate, or I will continue with old one.


Yes, you can deactivate your account, you won’t be able to use that email again to register on fiverr.

You won’t be able to activate is again.


I don’t think it’s worth deactivating your account over. There are some sellers with thousands of reviews who have a response time of 5 hours or more. I had a response time of 6 hours for quite a while then sent more replies and it went to 1 hour.

Try sending offers to buyer requests you can do if you want orders and that might increase the chance of getting messages where you can respond quickly to shorten the response time. Try other gigs if you can’t get (enough) sales on the current one.