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I have good impressions and cliks, but no orders

Hi!! As I said in the title, I have a good amount of impressions per day (200) and more or less 8-10 clicks per day.

But still I have no orders, no messages! Will I have to modify something on my gig? If you can see it and give me some advice I will appreciate it!

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At a quick glance it looks fine. Sounds even better. As I mentioned in your other thread, you’re likely going to need to do a bit of marketing yourself.

Ask: Who is your target market, and where are they found?

My target is producers, composer, and people who need singers for they songs!

Thanks for checking out the gig!

Clarification: Who is your buyer persona?

Everything looks very slick and orderly to me.

Maybe fiddle around with your keywords.

I change mine around from time to time.

Couldn’t say for sure if it’s helped me any.

I think you may benefit from making additional Gigs.

What I mean is do one for R&B (in English or Spanish), then another Gig for Pop (in English or Spanish)…and so on instead of grouping all the music genres into a single Gig.

If you end up with say, FIVE different Gigs this way, you will have more of a footprint in Fiverr than a single Gig.

I have nine Gigs and that has increased my exposure rather than just hoping people will see just one Gig.

Always a great Q. Who is going to buy? This is not always who you want or even think will buy. It is really hard to do this, to work out exactly who you do serve (and therefore who you do not seek to serve - but will if they behave well).

  • I know I want to serve people who are after unique work, people with a Story to tell. I don’t have an interest in serving people who want that (to me) horrid formulaic sound all over the charts.
  • While I don’t care about genre, I am more interested to serve Country or Rock minded people and not Rappers who seem to have forgotten that Rap was stories about life instead of pointless profanity.
  • If scoring a film I want to serve people who listen to my portfolio and hear the spark of me and want that in their film. I can’t help people who want {insert popular composer} but aren’t prepared to pay the real one, instead forcing both of us into a fail.

You might find you have a niche in serving lovers who have a lyric they want to deliver to their partner.

I am a Mix Engineer and Composer so will speak as such - in the spirit of being helpful.

Unless you are chasing a Spanish(?) audience you really will do better pushing English songs forward. You can include the language songs too as that can still pay off but English speakers will struggle with anything they don’t understand. I see Mr Ink has come along with good suggestions around that as I was running off a mix.

I find your voice sounds unclear. I am not sure if that is a recording or mixing issue but this is not helping as you need to LEAP off the PAGE at me to connect so well that you are to be the voice of my song. Right now what I hear and therefore feel is not that.

You say you don’t do the Mixing and that is very wise but you should engage a Skilled Mix Engineer to help your core portfolio pieces shine on like crazy diamonds (sorry Pink Floyd).


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