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I have got 4.3 star

Good day!!!
I have done each and everything properly but got 4.3 star rating. Its so annoying. The buyer is not replying my messages. :frowning_face::frowning_face::frowning_face:



4.3 is not a bad review.
Also, your average rating is 5.0…

Do not ask the buyer about the review, be careful. You might get a warning for that.


Thank you. But after doing everything perfectly got this rate.Its so painful

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Congratulations! :smiley:

You have a positive review! Don’t be disheartened. Even if you deliver a product/service of excellent quality, you cannot satisfy all buyers 100%. There are always going to be a few buyers who find some reason or the other to deduct a star (there are some buyers who give less than 5-stars for all kinds of weird reasons — some that have nothing to do with the order or Fiverr). @paul_paprimodak Here are some strange reasons I have come across so far:

“My wife served me burnt toast today for breakfast. So, even though I am highly satisfied with your product, I am still going to deduct 2 stars from my review because I have had a lousy day so far.”

“I found Fiverr’s review your order page with great difficulty. They have a terrible website layout. So, even though it has nothing to do with your particular order, I am still going to deduct a star because you work for Fiverr.”

Yep. Don’t ask your buyer about the review. There have been cases where sellers got a ToS violation warning for even asking what they could do to improve their service in the future.


Good day.
It can create difficulties if ask the buyer about the review. I guess you have understood.

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It might be perfect to you.
4.3 means that your buyer maybe gave you 4 on two of the things (e.g. Recommend to a friend and Communication) or 3 on one of them…
Remember, the review is the buyer’s personal experience, so you cannot complain about that.
One last thing, you cannot please every single buyer, move on.


Hey Congrats, 4.3 isn’t bad a review . I won’t hesitate to buy a product that has that much stars.

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Okay. Thank you so much

Yes, now I have understood

Oh my god! WOW, :open_mouth: I can never imagine this thing can happen to someone ever. Wow.