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I have got 4.7 rating in my first order of a gig. Please help me

I have got 4.7 rating in my first order of a gig. How many 5 stars are needed to make the average 5. Please help me.


You’re fine for now. So long as your average feedback score is 4.7 or above over a continuous 60 day period, then you will meet your seller level.

If for example you only get one more order in the next 60 days and that buyer rates you at 4.6 or below, then you will not meet your seller level.

If that same buyer rates you at 4.7 or above, then you will meet your seller level.


4.7 is not a bad evaluation
you achieved 14 stars
concentrate more for future … thats the solution to achieve 5 overall


Thank you @english_voice & @english_voice . This is my first order of this gig. I have got 4.7 for the first order, 5 for the second order. Now the average is 4.8.
Now if I receive some more 5-stars. Will it be 5? Because the average of 4.7+5+5+5+… is never =5.
So, how many 5 is required to make it 5?

My brain is a creative brain and it cannot do maths!

Please do not worry about hitting a perfect five. It should not prevent you from getting more orders. 4.8 is very respectable.

And as you rightly say, with more high feedback ratings of 5, you will hopefully soon see your average creep up to 4.9.

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It would be around 4.9 i have 20 5 stars and 1- 4.3 star it was 4.9 the overall rating now it’s 5 overall aim for best service.

There’s probably a calculator online that you can set up to assess this.

According to the calculator, it will never be 5. Is it correct? Maybe not.
@humanissocial , if you know the number of 5 stars I need to make the gig’s average rating 5, please tell me.
Thank you.

Do the math. It will never be a perfect 5 if any review is under 5, due to the way mathematics work. However, at a certain point it will round to 5, let’s say 4.95?

(4.7+5*x)/(x+1) >= 4.95. Solve for X.

@visualstudios are you sure about 4.95?

No, I don’t know how Fiverr rounds it. But If you have an average of 4.96, will it round to 4.9? That’s not how standard rounding works. It’s logical that under 4.95 it rounds to 4.9, and above it rounds to 5.