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I have got 4st order and submit order today but my client give me no review

I have got 4th order and submit an order today. but my client doesn’t give me any review


Buyers are not obliged to leave a review. And they’re definitely not obliged to do it immediately.


He already paid for your service, but the buyer doesn’t have to leave any review. And many buyers never accept orders when we deliver it and never add any reviews, they don’t have to. Just follow the rules and never ask for good review or anything like that


It is up to a buyer as to whether they wish to leave a review or not.

There have been many forum posts where sellers have got a warning for discussing a review.

Best to just leave your buyer alone and move on.


Just chill, review doesn’t matter here, some of buyer will give review and some of them willn’t leave review and some of client very busy they just come and place order :grin: If you complete order then it will boost your gig rank. Just focus on work, when you’ll get more order it will help to get fiverr success it doesn’t matter whether if you have review or not. :relaxed:


Disagree. It does.

@helal311 The average of given reviews seem to be about 70% according to my observation of Sellers who shared their statistics on Forum. So you are fine here.

Maybe think it other way. Better no review for that order than negative review. :wink:

Its depend on client. Dont take tension about it.

You may notice some of seller completed 50 order but got 25 review but still they got gig rank and level here fiverr, because all buyer don’t provide review. And you can’t ask buyer to give review for order, if so it’s against Fiverr Tos and you’ll get warning. If you have gig rank with more order and marketing tricks then definitely some of client provide review without asking them so the more order you’ll get the more chances you’ll have review but you’ll not get 100 % review for all order it’s 50% chances to get review from client.
And if you don’t get review that doesn’t mean you’ll not get order. :nerd_face:
So it’s better for seller focus on order rather than review and eventually you’ll have success and review aswell. :blush:

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I admit my quote is taken out of context.

I just wonder why almost every Seller thinks that in case they did not get review means that they did not get 5 star review.

It is likely Buyers will give review if they were astonished by delivered service and they actually needed to share such information.


As long as he has paid for the service, why bother!

take it easy. it’s normal.

thanks for your suggestion

Not all clients gonna give you a review. Ask politely to leave feedback, and if they don’t, then never force or asked twice.

thanks for your suggestion

Don’t do what @designnuts suggested. It’s not allowed to ask for a feedback, and if you do it, you could get an account warning.


I recently put a new gig up and while I got 4 sales out of it so far, I got 2 reviews. The buyer who bought the gig twice and chose not to leave a review actually contacted me via inbox to tell me how thankful he was and how he loved the result.

It is frustrating when you’re trying to build a new gig’s portfolio and every review counts. But ultimately, you can’t force people to review the product they’ve got or tell them how to do it. It’ll eventually get your account a warning.


no, don’t do that,you might get banned


Some buyers dont give reviews, as for me, I prefer no review than a 4 star. Its very normal.

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