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I have got a strange message from Fiverr


There is this notification, that says that I have to answer to a question, the thing is, that this notification can be see less that a second, so when I click the link, nothing happens, I took a screenshoot fast…
Tell me what to do… And one more think, when I check my gigs, all are active, the think is that I have not got any message for 4 days, but before I had order after order


Select No and Save it, if you are living outside of the USA. that’s it

Seems like a bug. I’ve seen it, too.


Seems like a bug…

I got an order about half an hour ago, so not, the bug isn’t preventing you from getting orders.

Hi MaryUsman,
It also seems to me a bug. However, it has not any effect on the normal proceedings. Just focus on promoting your gigs and pick orders.

Me same problem to my account

Same here, Although I answered the tax question.

Click on it and Submit “NO”, i hope that then all is ok