I have got "level 1" seller star today within 30days :D congrats me :D (Some tips for new GIGers)


HI guys, congrats me :stuck_out_tongue: i have got β€œlevel 1” seller start today :smiley: i have just join the fiverr some days ago it could be March 2013 :smiley: now its April 4th and i have got it :smiley: So much happy and i feel that i have to more careful and honest to my buyer to give them my 110% best work :smiley:

How is it possible?

  1. Always be honest
  2. Describe your GIG honestly and details as possible
  3. Try to be active on your gig.
  4. Sue proper keyword, title and GIG image
  5. Never copy paste content from another GIG
  6. Always care about your buyer.
  7. Keep in touch with your buyer and always give them update about your order.
  8. Always be polite and gentle.
  9. Dont write anything in your GIG what you cant make it
  10. Dont make lots of GIG, because when someone see your profile they will see lots of GIG but not so many response from buyer and no ratings from them, So, they will not trust you.

    You are always welcome to ask me anything or please suggest me anything.

    Here is my profile take a look and take some exclusive offer :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: - http://fiverr.com/mohaplaban


Reply to @sandrieh: and Reply to @geekygood:

Thanks both of you :smiley: all the best to you too :smiley:


Congratulations @mohaplaban…!! :-bd


Congratulations dude :slight_smile: