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I have got Level 2 Seller status Any tip?


Hi friends,
How are you? I am glad to see that i have got level 2 seller status recently.
But after getting level 2 seller the order is decreased even i don’t get any single message from any buyer.What is the wrong i dont understand.(I have 8 gig active).I have some question please help me by answering !(Thanks in advance)
1.How can i get 1 order regularly?
2.Please tell me the methods of gig promotion.
3.Should i publish more gig?
4.will i lose my search rank temporarily if i publish a new gig?



I think you’ll find answers to all of those questions, by taking some time to read the forums. Other people have already asked those questions many times, and people like other veteran sellers and myself have already answered them – many times.

Please be willing to research how Fiverr works. Take the time to read the great advice that has already been posted here on the forums.


Create more Gigs, you’ll gain exposure and thus the chances of being hired will surely increase.

Getting 1 order regularly cannot be guaranteed!

You can promote your Gigs on your website, social media platforms, etc.

Nope, you won’t lose ranking on making new Gigs.

Hope these answers all your queries :slight_smile: