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I have got my first order, But


I have got my first order,It is a youtube channel optimize order.What is the best way to do this job.Please let me know the secret technique.Already I have improved the amount of subscriber from 572 to 625.I need more subscriber shortly.


You have got to be joking. And by the way, are you the same guy (but with a different account obviously) who just cancelled a 12.5k traffic gig because you couldn’t do it?

Either way, your taking spamming to a completely new level by actually asking people here to do your job for you. - In fact, as a friendly word of advice, I’d remove the link in your post asap before someone posts a comment on one of your buyers videos exposing you as the fraud you are.

Really, what is this? Idiot week?


Too late, a comment has been made.
This type of seller deserves no help.


cyarex, thank you very much for my first laugh for today. I was thinking the same thing. Maybe we should set up a separate website for this kind of people, calling it Moronerr.


Set them up a new website? Yeah, we could call it ‘Special Fiverr’ where everything costs from -$5 to a picture of a rainbow.

Really, though, what would be the point? You’d only get people coming back here to ask how they can spend all their nice new rainbows.


you can share the pop up youtube subscriber button on social media and blogs, so when someone clicks on it it will bring up a pop up for him or her to subscriber.


thanks for your suggestion.I remove my link.You are wrong cause i am not such kind of person.I am doing this job for $30.


I see your gig prices start at $250 up to $450. You have never had any reviews. You also don’t have a gig for YouTube subscribers. How did you get someone to order something you aren’t even offering? Has that lady in the video ever heard of you?


But… But… Your gig says you have a ‘Safe and effective 2016 technique’. Whaaaaaaa???

Anyways, I just got an order for a promotional video. Can someone teach me how to use Adobe Premiere CC?


You want $30 for a job you don’t have a clue how to do?



Are you selling something which you are not sure about.


If you can guarantee such good results for any keyword, why don’t you create some websites and set them up as Amazon affiliate sites, do SEO to bring it to the top of Google and then make millions.

According to your gig, it could take 4 months for it to work when someone places an order with you. In this time they will have paid a minimum of $1000.
At the end of that time they have no comeback, no way to ensure you carry out your “guarantee” as the sales with Fiverr will have been completed and you will have got all the money.

The fact that you are asking people here to tell you how to get subscribers shows you have no idea of what you are actually doing. People like you give genuine SEO workers a bad reputation. I hope nobody is stupid enough to place an order with you.

Oh, and by the way, the techniques you mention in your gig are neither safe or effective in 2016.


Maybe you could search on Google how to do the job. I don’t think anyone will be able to tell you here.
Usually you first know how to do something before you agree to do it.


You must be kidding :smiley:


There are a lot of “Experts” on Fiverr. When I’m starting here. I didn’tt write that I’m an expert, only that I know how to do my job. But after this thread, I think that I’m a PRO :smiley:


Maybe you could hire someone else to do the job and then give her the completed work.


The thing is that anyone can make an account and say “I will xyz”, even if their only talent is dribbling in their sleep. The very fact you can string together a sentence puts you ahead of a huge amount of sellers (and I include native English speakers here too). These people just want the $, and Fiverr is enabling them easily by not having any real checks in place when an account is created.

I get that–Fiverr gets a neat 20% no matter how the sale went so long as a dispute isn’t activated, so why limit that lucrative pool? But at some point it becomes about building a reputation for the site that attracts a better caliber of both seller and buyers. That’s good for everyone involved, and even more lucrative.

I really, really have no time for idiot sellers. They may be lovely people in real life, but that’s irrelevant. Their desperation to make a quick buck is toxic.


That costs $$$. Your fellow here wants free advice so he can deliver a shoddy product and pocket the money. As I stated in my prior post, the results don’t matter. Bad review? Eh, start a new profile after the cash grab. Result: a proliferation of cluelessly bad and hopeless sellers that buyers who can’t/won’t do due diligence then rant about, making qualified sellers look bad.

I really hope the competition winners get good guidance from their Fiverr friend/contact as to who to use for whatever they need. Can you imagine the fallout if they repeatedly got dreadful service and results? “I won a $3000 prize in a Fiverr competition and I lost $30,000 because…”

See? Toxic.


Hi guys I’m a professional designer. Can anybody teach me how to create awesome logo in photoshop? :stuck_out_tongue:


“Moronerr”… hahahahahahaaha. But seriously, it’s a great name. :smiley: