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I have got my first order

Hi fiverr community,

Today i have got my 1st order.


congratulations to you


Congrats. Keep going!!!

congratulations to you

Thank you so much:slightly_smiling_face:

congratulations for your starting journey in fiverr

Congratulations. Have a nice journey.

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Congratulations! Best of luck.

:clap: :clap: :clap: Congratulations

Congratulation!! Best of luck!!

Congrats and Go ahead with your Best Services.

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Congratulations for your first order.

Congratulation for your first order…

congratulation welcome to fiverr

Congrats, just keep focus on your work :clap:

Congratulation on your success.Hope you will get more succcess soon

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congratulation to you.

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Many congratulations.
Hope to post the same sooooon :heart_eyes:

Congratulations to you!

Please I sent my first offer but my buyer seems to get far higher than what I sent to him. Say, I sent an offer of $45 but my buyer sees $66 at the other end, no tax included yet. Please what can I do.
Thank you

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