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I have got $ Reward from fiverr!

Hello everyone,
I have been selling my service from 2015. I have been promoted to level 2 seller then. I have been irregular from fiver for some months becasue i was not getting sell.
2 months ago fiverr inbox me with a great news that my gig is on there search engine. After that i began to regular on fiverr. i have recovered my 1 hour respond time, got many sells, got many buyes massage.
My time is going great.
Today i have ordered someone 2 gig for my purpose then the amazing thing happened !
Fiverr notified me “You Spend $10 and got $5 reward. Your account will be credited within 24 hours”

I have very much happy with fiverr. Its a great journey with selling my service on fiverr.

its a great experience working with fiverr


LOL, actually i am happy thats the reason i post it on forum :slight_smile:

Happy when you are happy. It’s nice to see the joy it brings you.

thanks :slight_smile: . Fiverr just changed my life , i just love Fiverr