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I have got warning for creating gig

What problem can i facing for Warning? I have got a warning for creating a new Gig.


what kind of error is displayed can you please share?


What kind of error you show on your screen

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So, whatever kind gig you have created. It’s not allowed on Fiverr. What was the service you wanted to offer?

yes! tell us your services please?

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On page SEO by Rank Math Plugin

Is that the name of the gig?

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Yeah. I will do On page SEO by Rank Math Plugin

Maybe someone else can shed some light on it but I would contact CS to see what they say, only they can give you the true breakdown of why your gig has been denied.

Thanks for your suggestion sir. Do you know when fiverr finish his Update?

The answer regarding your warning lies here: I have receive a warning to publish my new gig of on page seo optimization


@lloydsolutions to the rescue :slight_smile: That’s good to note in the future that the word “math” is automatically a flag on the Fiverr system to prevent coursework based gigs :man_student:


Answer is false. I have another same category gig.2020-06-16_222809

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No, it is not, they just did not came to this gig yet. They are checking gig slowly so not all is banned immediately.

I’m shooting in the dark here, but I think it has to do with the term “Math”.

You could reach out CS and explain you’re not offering any type of academic services, letting them know what the phrase “Rank Math Plugin” means.

Edit: I didn’t see the comments @lloydsolutions and @wolfhowler posted while posting my reply. :grimacing: Sorry for repeating what you both said!! :see_no_evil:


I agree, just contact CS and explain it. They should remove the warning. See:


may be keywords of your services are not matching the categories prescribed by the fiverr’s terms of services, try other keywords for your gig, changing of keywords will may help in accepting your gig.

Oh great! your gig has been accepted. :grin: I think I am late.

No… It is another gig i have created before. But I got warning when i have tried to create a new one in same category.